Lucky Cola casino download server via share-rapid

This server is similar to the RapidShare service and offers you the option of uploading your files to our servers and keeping them for the period of validity according to the terms of our service.
At the same time, this download server allows you to share your files with your friends, and this allows you to get interesting rewards for downloading your files.
As one of the few, we also offer you the option of full-text search in saved files.
And the biggest advantage of this server is that if your files are regularly downloaded by other participants, they can be stored on this server indefinitely.

And most importantly, we offer you the option of free downloads without IP address restrictions, so even those of you who are on a shared IP address will be able to download, unlike the similar RapidShare service

And the main advantage?
It is enough for anyone to download your file and the validity is automatically extended to 30 days, so you can have your files on our server forever!!!

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